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Talofa. If I had a Netflix show made about me tomorrow it would be ... pretty boring. I'm here to post about first world problems and out of this world solutions. Cheers.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Move time


Need ...to move ... haven't done any real physical activity in two weeks

I have never been a fan of actual "training" but I've always been active. Basketball, touch, rugby, golf range, swimming, long bouts of "Wogging" or walk jogging lol.

I haven't done anything for two weeks now and I can feel it piling on (weehh). It may or may not have something to do with the burger I had 2 hours ago...maybe

My last real sweat was a gym session about two week akoo (lol). Got in to the gym, smashed out some high intensity cardio and a serious core workout (serious for me is like 10 sit ups). Come the following morning I'm back at the gym entrance for Day 2, heart full of motivation and eyes full of somo's and ......

N O  G Y M   S W I P E

I was honestly like "GOD is this a sign?"

I look far and wide in the car and car park only to remember that I had nonchalantly thrown away a plastic bag the night before containing my swipe... #swearword. I get back in to the car and drive home, stopping by the bakery on the way for a savory ...or three -_- (don't judge me)

I wish I was one of those skinny people who complain about being fat when they actually aren't .. but I'm not  **crying in the corner**

Now, time to lace up the old New Balances and hit the pavement. Wish me luck!

10 Commandments for Runners

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Guess who's back

As the lyrics of The sound of silence go .... ♫♪♫ Hello darkness my old friend ♫♪♪♫



This blog. The musings, observations and ramblings of a young pacific islander dancing through life. Unsure of his future and with a world view that would fit right in to a Hollywood Rom Com, he wrote about friends and girls and Mayoral elections ...WELL things may have changed, slightly ...

Short update in my life (In this order)

Met the love of my life
I look so happy

Graduated from College/University

First Overseas trip with the lads (oh and the partner tagged along :p)

Started a semi-serious Job

USA trip
My god, these were so beautiful!! THE HIGHLIGHT OF CALIFORNIA

Became a father (Woah)
Started Career


  Yes I'm actually trying to run away in this one, I don't know why I'm smiling

House hunting
 ( To be updated)

I've been a busy beeee as you can tell, when I look back at it though.. boy how things can change in a short space of time. Love it!

SOOOO anyway this blog is to take a step ((leap)) in a new direction so my ramblings better reflect my new.. stage in life lol

Dinner's with couples, play dates, marriage, property discussions, Trans-Tasman migration and more. Here we go!!

Here's a picture of one of my new favourite shows .. DOCTOR WHO! Catch you soon..


Sunday, September 9, 2012

50 shades of truth

Hello friends,

My work colleague and close friend is bat sh*t CRAZY!

She's gaga over..

"Fifty shades of Grey".

So apparently the story revolves around Christian and his endeavors with various women, or was it one? hmm anyway you could sum the story up in one sentence. Soft readable porn.

I don't actually care who reads it to be honest, each to their own and what not. What's hilarious are the people who say "I just wanna see what all the hype is about" .. Sure that's why..You don't have to lie Johnny, it's okay to read Erotica. No shame at all.. You dirty minded minx you. *Laughs*

So anyway I've found that a majority of these readers (with sexually debaucherous natures haha) contain a religious background. *oOOooOoOOh (I'm not saying there's a causal relationship it's just my observation.)

Upon observing this I only see fit to announce these followers of Christian Greys sexual exploits as ..in denial... Grey Christians.

(lol see what I did there? .. yeah nah.)

I jest, partake in a joust of humor and wit, such as they did in times of lore, when Kings and Queens and Dukes and Priests held the same weight as a witty Whore.

Cheerio chaplain.

#SFN Sayonara For Now

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ugly? Nahhh

The worst is when ugly people get pretty.

The fact is (and don't you deny it), physically attractive people glide through life on a cloud of admiration and worship. Gag. The rest of you us lowly beings who grew up without these assets, have learned to survive via other means. When members of our lower echelon evolve and join these elite's, we have what some people have labelled .. Wifey Material. haha

I know it's a crazy thing to take in right! These traitors. Use and abuse us for our knowledge, our skills in advantageous human interacting! A travesty of justice!

A thoughtful, knows-how-to-dress, great personality beautiful person is born.

My sarcastic post for the day.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cheers to the freaking weekend, ahh shaadarrp.

For many, the coming of Friday is a god send, the end of a long week, Daniel's big game, the beginning of an "EPIC WEEKEND", you lucky bastards. For me, Friday signals the second day of my work week, another beginning to a weekend of watching everyone else enjoy there's. It gets to you.

I know I sound whiny complicated but others who're employed in similar work patterns or who work through the weekends know what I'm talking bout. Hehe

Because of this dilemma, I find I overcompensate on my days off just to prove that they can be as fun as Saturdays and Sundays..but they're not,(Finding me checking in at fancy restaurants on a Tuesday is very common, people be like "what the hell" lol) and so by the time Thursday rolls around I'm tired from my attempts at "living large".

I go to work looking like this guy yaaawwwnwnnnn

hehe so yeah that's me I should probably invest in some strong vitamins or stop caring about everyone else...ha

It's been a while crocodile Big News Coming Soon. TTFN (lol)

p.s. Missed you too x