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Someone once told me that it is imperative to create a blog, not for the "gossip" but for the maintenance of your mental health. I guess these digital rants are my attempts at staying "sane" ... while providing a picture of my life to all interested gossipers ... i.e. pretty much just Vita and Chris lol. Peace and love don't do drugs

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brown or Banks?

With the Auckland Super City Mayoral elections coming up, I'm voting LEN BROWN! Partly because his name is similar to Chris Breezy but more so because he's Polynesia friendly =) (dowwwnnn for the brooowwwnn). He understands the cultural convents and traditions of our people..well at least more than John Banks does, frankly I wouldn't mind seeing some of the Samoan concepts of respect and pride instilled in the council =) wouldn't that be something lol.

Anyway driving down to Tauranga this weekend for my fathers friends 50th birthday, is it weird that all I want to do down there is find an internet cafe and play war-craft 3? I would usually jump at the opportunity to get lost in a new city, looking for second hand book stores, having lunch at the local Burger King lol something must have happened to me. Have I gone Lazy?? (more Lazy than normal haha) or am I just so addicted to this game that its trumped my feel for adventure. If its the latter has technology come so far as to satisfy our desires with out much physical effort? woah I hope its just me being lazy cause that would just be ...sad =(

K bye x