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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This guy is INSANE!!!

How many times..

I don't know how many times I've said to myself "I'm going to start my assignment today" and haven't done JACK. Haha I think I need a change of attitude.. hmm what requirements are there for a "change in attitude"?. To come up with an answer for this question I'm asking myself I must think really hard.... or not. I read somewhere that to change someones "way of thinking" is to change there whole persona. I say way of thinking because to change the way one thinks of an individual subject is one thing.. and actually very easy. According to a few friends of mine, understanding the way of thought is KEY to the manipulation and takingadvantageof other individuals. It starts off with observing and matching interest topics....wait im going off subject hmm save that story for another post .. okay sooo anyway, affecting the pattern of thought for the whole MIND is similar but all together different..kind of like Pinky and the Brain, both rats but one's SO MUCH more complicated than the other. Any who I guess approaching the subject at hand I should really ask myself "WHAT IS ATTITUDE?" - At first glance (from my all knowing eyes haha) Its a "way" of feeling.. it gives us .. oompf. Its definitely part of our thought process, I mean we all have an attitude or way of feeling toward something.

How can we change our "Attitude" - Changing "A way of feeling". So everybody knows that feelings are derived from emotions, which are a state of mind based on circumstance. Assuming ceteris paribus (LOL), our attitude is primarily affected by our state of mind! Eurika! therefore, changing our STATE OF MIND should alter our attituuuddee??!!...that doesn't sound right..(well for what im trying to think up anyway) lol I guess if I was looking for a temporary change to my attitude, and it was towards ONE thing .. I would so be done .. but, I'm not. =(

Now a little about myself.. as you could probably tell from my blog, I'm pretty average. I kind of take life one post at a time (quote unquote) lol.. I don't plan much unless I really want something, I don't care much unless I really have to and I dont feel much unless provoked. Sure I cry at movies, nostalgic moments and some funerals but most times I'm pretty oblivious (ALL OF THIS IS ON THE INSIDE WHERE NO ONE CAN SEE ME). How could I go about changing my attitude towards my assignments and tests while remaining "bleh" about everything else? wouldn't be fair now would it. #totalupheaval! I say.

so thinking of what I;ve already said up there^, To attain a TOTAL permanent change in attitude I would require a ... change in THINKING. Not just thoughts towards individual subjects but everything I guess. My thoughts are kind of like levels. I have surface thoughts underlying thoughts and deeeeeeeeeepppp thoughts. All my feelings (or true feelings i should say) are products of deep thought, surface emotions or what everyone sees are from the other two levels. (Wow self realization happening right now). In order to affect my attitude towards everything I guess (cause thats what ive been doing this whole time) I will have to infiltrate and change my "Deep zone" ....but how.. I know!!! BLACK OPS!!!