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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ohhh Shoesies


Been a while crocodile. Ive been SO busy with general "stuff" (not the website) that I forgot my friend here existed. This post is kind of a blogfession. BEWARE, it gets a bit "confessiony" .. vomit.

So yeah, on my way to have lunch today I couldn't stop thinking about one of my friends. She's beautiful, trendy, supportive and stature improving. My blue suede shoes (actually Nikes).

Like most people worth knowing, I LURV me some good kicks. I remember when I was younger, I'd be running around the pristine, grassy planes of Siusega (Samoa) fully content in my 8$ Molesi (similar to the Warehouse & WalMart)flip flops. Now a days, my trusty blue and white Jandals have made space for my dearest friends Nike, Adidas, food and Puma. I don't remember how it started, only that it's there and ALIVE. Kind of like a shoe cancer... only not deadly and depressing.

If a shoe asks me to save her from the despair of her captors (did I mention I was your friendly neighborhood shoe whisperer?) I would gladly drop a gwop, render myself "unable to meet a payment", not eat brunch (GASP) to save said damsel in distress (chauvinist pig lol). Said ladies don't holler very often but when they do, I'm in there like swim wear going the extra mile with a smile ... High 5 for the double entendre with my love life.


Damn you awesome shoe designers & marketing friends, CURSES!