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Talofa. If I had a Netflix show made about me tomorrow it would be ... pretty boring. I'm here to post about first world problems and out of this world solutions. Cheers.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cheers to the freaking weekend, ahh shaadarrp.

For many, the coming of Friday is a god send, the end of a long week, Daniel's big game, the beginning of an "EPIC WEEKEND", you lucky bastards. For me, Friday signals the second day of my work week, another beginning to a weekend of watching everyone else enjoy there's. It gets to you.

I know I sound whiny complicated but others who're employed in similar work patterns or who work through the weekends know what I'm talking bout. Hehe

Because of this dilemma, I find I overcompensate on my days off just to prove that they can be as fun as Saturdays and Sundays..but they're not,(Finding me checking in at fancy restaurants on a Tuesday is very common, people be like "what the hell" lol) and so by the time Thursday rolls around I'm tired from my attempts at "living large".

I go to work looking like this guy yaaawwwnwnnnn

hehe so yeah that's me I should probably invest in some strong vitamins or stop caring about everyone else...ha

It's been a while crocodile Big News Coming Soon. TTFN (lol)

p.s. Missed you too x