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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A milli a milli unst unst

Are you a bum boy?

The "Bum boy diesease": otherwise known as the "Eat Arse" Virus is a viral infection which causes a person to have unwavering devotion towards another. Common amongst young males the Bum boy disease (BBD) has the potential to deal a direct blow to the image of the "ideal male" i.e. bread winning macho man.

Historians believe the BBD originated in 1209BC from the persian freedom fighters (PFF)prior to the great greek wars. When the PFF joined forces with king Zerksees they had to partake in lude acts of gaydultery (new word I just made up) to form the Zerksees bond. These so called "bonding actions" led to all the members of the PFF to become unknowingly devoted to King Zerksees doing anything he demanded of them. Upon the fall of King Zerksees to the mighty Samoan Spartans in 1211BC the BDD seemed to have been wiped out by the Spartans Manly Immune system. This was not so as the BDD arose again in the late 1500s with the Tongan insvasion of Samoa and 2001 with the terrorist attacks on the World trade centre.

The symptoms: The symptoms vary for this disease as it evolves with each host, however here are some general symptoms which might allow for earlt treatment.

1.The affected answers the other persons questions even though they are'nt directed at him/her
2.The affected tries to impress the other person no matter what the situation i.e. in church, class, libraries, food joints, clubs, toilet areas, touch.
3.The affected always talks about the other person when they are not around and always talks to the person when they are, even in the event of a fire and near death situations ...
4.If the person needs anything, to the affected money is no issue.

I would like to give thanks to my publishers myth-busters and my sponsors wayne-kurr inc.

Everything in this post is estimated or made up. :)

Woohoo My first Blog!!

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