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Someone once told me that it is imperative to create a blog, not for the "gossip" but for the maintenance of your mental health. I guess these digital rants are my attempts at staying "sane" ... while providing a picture of my life to all interested gossipers ... i.e. pretty much just Vita and Chris lol. Peace and love don't do drugs

Saturday, August 14, 2010


-a bystanders observation of.... AUPISA Sports day

What a blast. Intense, fast paced, ankle breaking basketball, perfectly timed silver fern like netball passes, forearm/face bruising volley spikes and a dancing flash (yes the super hero lol)what more could one ask for in a sports day. Well done PILSA for being amazing hosts, so much fun and chumminess not to mention FOOD! It set the perfect stage for the students to get to know each other and perhaps build friendships to last a lifetime ..or one night ;). Just the event we needed before the mid-term test period. Hope to see you all at the social next week lol!

xoxo Klaas Verd!ct