About Me

Someone once told me that it is imperative to create a blog, not for the "gossip" but for the maintenance of your mental health. I guess these digital rants are my attempts at staying "sane" ... while providing a picture of my life to all interested gossipers ... i.e. pretty much just Vita and Chris lol. Peace and love don't do drugs

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New and Old.

I am so sure people used to LOVE my friend here when she was new ... its sad how at the core of human behavior we are not much different than the dullest of creatures; i.e., we love shiny things. I hate it when I enjoy something for a while only to grow sick of it. Like a favourite song you smash or a favourite food you eat too much of, or even that person you used to adore but have grown to find annoying. Yup it happens. I want to figure out ways of keeping all things I like, refreshing and NEW. Pondering, wandering, laundering money. Shizam.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I hate the "waiting for a reply" part when I comment on a status/photo/wall on Facebook. I find it quite annoying, as much as we lie to ourselves that it doesn't affect us, we all know it does! Or maybe it's just me.. maybe I'm just a dramatic attention seeker trying to fill the crater left in my heart by years & years of having no friends and a loveless childhood. NO WAY hahahahahaha.. love me ... please .. kaching