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Someone once told me that it is imperative to create a blog, not for the "gossip" but for the maintenance of your mental health. I guess these digital rants are my attempts at staying "sane" ... while providing a picture of my life to all interested gossipers ... i.e. pretty much just Vita and Chris lol. Peace and love don't do drugs

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Move time


Need ...to move ... haven't done any real physical activity in two weeks

I have never been a fan of actual "training" but I've always been active. Basketball, touch, rugby, golf range, swimming, long bouts of "Wogging" or walk jogging lol.

I haven't done anything for two weeks now and I can feel it piling on (weehh). It may or may not have something to do with the burger I had 2 hours ago...maybe

My last real sweat was a gym session about two week akoo (lol). Got in to the gym, smashed out some high intensity cardio and a serious core workout (serious for me is like 10 sit ups). Come the following morning I'm back at the gym entrance for Day 2, heart full of motivation and eyes full of somo's and ......

N O  G Y M   S W I P E

I was honestly like "GOD is this a sign?"

I look far and wide in the car and car park only to remember that I had nonchalantly thrown away a plastic bag the night before containing my swipe... #swearword. I get back in to the car and drive home, stopping by the bakery on the way for a savory ...or three -_- (don't judge me)

I wish I was one of those skinny people who complain about being fat when they actually aren't .. but I'm not  **crying in the corner**

Now, time to lace up the old New Balances and hit the pavement. Wish me luck!

10 Commandments for Runners

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