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Talofa. If I had a Netflix show made about me tomorrow it would be ... pretty boring. I'm here to post about first world problems and out of this world solutions. Cheers.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I recently caught wind of some interesting news. My friend "Bren" found out his friend "Jamal" was cheating on his girlfriend "Sasha". Unfortunately for Bren he's very good friends with both. Bren came to ME looking for advice on what to do.

This is what I said to him - ... Que sera, sera, whatever will be will be .. haha jk jk .."Brother from another mother, you have got to tell him to STOP. If he is not going to tell her about it .. then you will tell the loud mouth of the group (there's always one) who'll eventually let her know... if he doesn't waawwna tell her, then you must APREHEND the bro card you gave him last christmas, redeemable only when he grows the kahunas to be a man and tell her .." I know right so wise.

Thanks =)

You're probably wandering why Bren would come to me for advice - have ye knoweth, I'm quite experienced in the art of conflict avoidance and general "smoothingout" of problems. Also with relationships, pffft 15 years of online dating under the belt baby Booya

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How much fun is too much fun?

My friends and I have never been heavy drinkers. The main reason for this is Jesus. In high school my friends and I were men of the cloth, ordained... haha i joke, we weren't clergy men but we were very religious. We had an amazing fire for Christ fueled by naivety and a lack of purpose. Taught that drinking was immoral, I stayed away from it instantly thinking I was better then those who did (making me a hypocrite for judging others hahaha) .. I remember being in 6th form thinking "I am NEVER touching a drop of alcohol in my life!".. and then I started University. My naivety evaporated with nights out in town, the school bar, the park, house parties, nights before assignments, nights before tests, nights before exams hahah sheet. Being a professional student for 5 years now (lol) I've become a lot more .. open minded. My previous view on drinking has slightly been altered from "ew, drinking" to "oh, drinking". I guess I can HONESTLY say that I've adopted the whole "drinking in moderation", "Sip stay in play", "Drink to have fun" buzz. What I find hilarious are people that say and truly mean this up until 4 bottles/shots/glasses in.

hmmm ... I feel afraid that my drinking habits are leading me towards a bleak future of alcoholism which as everyone knows, goes hand in hand with beer goggles disease grrrr LOL ..Naw I've seen people phase from the "I'm just drinking for fun" to "Lets get drunk B*arrttgchhh zzz" ugh

.....Lets hope and pray I don't change. I'm already pretty ugly, I don't need excessive drunken behaviour to make it worse. Booya